Teatro alla Scala, I due Foscari

Teatro alla Scala, I due Foscari

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Epiphany, Merry Christmas... hu...!?


For us who grew up Catholic, today is Epiphany, a very beautiful day in our tradition in which children get gifts, just like the tradition of Northern latitudes with Santa Claus.

Yesterday I was driving in my neighborhood, what a beautiful day, such tropical quality in the light of the sun so bright yellow, it warmed the heart in spite of the terrible cold embrace that enveloped Southenr New England and all of North America. It reminded me of the color of the light of January 5th 1967, when at 9 years of age I still believed that the Three Wise Men, or the Three Magician Kings (as we call them), come to each house and deliver gifts for children, as Santa does on December 25th. That afternoon my father sent me to the fields to get a lot of grass for the camels, horses, donkeys and mules in which Los Tres Reyes Magos de Oriente carried the gifts. Other things I had to get was Rum, Beer, Cigarettes, Cookies, Mint Caramels... all the brands my father liked... HM... I was really innocent, and my dear father ALFREDO CHAHIN-MUFDY  made such a fuzz on Epiphany that it totally blinded me, and did not let me suspect one Jota of the truth.

His Epiphany stunts were never equaled then or since. It is not love talking.

But that is another story.

I had a rude awakening the next morning when I found out from my mother that it was not so...

But that is, also, another story.

Today is Epiphany.

But today is THE REAL CHRISTMAS, as my friend of a life time Yeoryia Megremis calls it.

This is the day in which the Orthodox Church celebrates Christmas. In fear of what Yeoryia might do to me, I must say Greek Orthodox Church.

My Paternal family, it just so happens, back in the land that gave birth to all of them, Palestine, -in their old town of Beit-Jala-, those who were religious practiced the Orthodox Religion in the Church of St. Nicholas, which was built by my great-grandfather Yadallah El-Mufdy. (What a beautiful name my great-grandfather's. It means: The hand of God which is generous to a fault). They still remembered him, they knew who he was in town when I went to visit in the year 2,000, precisely for his generosity and his behavior during the war of 1,917...

But that is another story.

Together with my dear Yeoryia Megremis, today I celebrate Christmas again, I also celebrate Epiphany with all my Catholic friends. 

I am a man who wears many hats. But my heart is steady.

Filled with Joy as I am, I will get on my BUICK in a few hours and drive to the Big Apple in this cold day... 19ยบ... 

But my heart is warm.

I wish all, friends and foes, a very happy and blessed day. May this day, may the Three Wise Men from the Orient deposit in our hearts some Wisdom, Thirst for Justice, and do away with our pettiness. 

Blessings to all.

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Saturday, January 3, 2015

DEATH by ARIA in New York City

VM Ltd
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Adamsville, RI 02801-0397
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Pier Miranda Ferraro 
Operatic Workshops Series

What Death by Aria is
Death by Aria is not a class in the strict sense of the word: no one is there to teach. anything. No one is there to criticize either.

Death by Aria is an opportunity offered by VeraMusica to singers who are preparing songs and arias for concerts or auditions, to practice them in a supportive atmosphere. No more than 13 singers will participate in each DbA, so that everyone can sing at least three times, either the same piece or different ones: It is up to each participant how to use her/his time.
We sing for one hour, take a short break for the pianist, then we repeat the same process for the three hours that DbA lasts. On each set, according to the quantity of participants, each singer will get up to 6 minutes to sing their song or aria.

Your cost:
1) 7 to 9 people pay each $30.00
2) 10 and 11 pay $25.00
3) 12 and 13 pay $20.
If paying by check, please make it to VeraMusica Ltd.

Next Death by Aria will take place at:
At the Yeoryia Megremis Studios, 2067 Broadway, 5th floor, OTELLO room, the first two Mondays of each month:
February Mondays 2nd and 9th
March Mondays 2nd and 9th
April Mondays 6th and 13th
May Mondays 4th and 11th
June Mondays 1st and 8th
July Mondays 6th and 13th
August Mondays 3rd and 10th
September Mondays 7th and 14th
October Mondays 5th and 12th
November Mondays 2nd and 9th
December Mondays 7th and 14th

Make your reservation by writing to this address, info@veramusicaltd.com

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