Teatro alla Scala, I due Foscari

Teatro alla Scala, I due Foscari

Friday, April 29, 2016

We at VeraMusica Ltd. could not be happier because of the warm, generous embrace that our dear friend Maestro Marcello Garofalo received from the audience that came to our concert of two nights ago, as well as from our singers and pianist, who sang and played a beautiful program for Maestro with all their hearts.

We have a special debt of gratitude with the St. Vincent de Paul Society, specially with Ms. Pattie Hughes, Ms. Louise Decatrel and Mr. Ed Keane, for being so extremely helpful to our dear Maestro.

Thank you.

Abundant blessings to all.

Francisco Chahín-Casanova
President VeraMusica Ltd.

www.veramusicaltd.com dedicated to excellence

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